Shropshire DA would like to introduce you to the Committee:

Chairman – Andrew Booth –
Vice Chairman – Laura Sutton
Secretary – Tracy Booth –
Treasurer – Ken Michael
Site Secretary – Vince Beddoes
Webmaster – Andrew Booth –
Catering Officer – Laura Sutton
Rep to Region – Ken Michael
Deputy Rep to Region – Laura Sutton
Social Secretary – Tracy Booth
Assistant Social Secretary – Andrew Booth
DA Contact/Booking Officer – Tracy Booth –
Committee Member – Kath Rushton
PRO – Vacant

If you would like to contact the committee then please use the contact form, all forms will be sent to the Webmaster, Andrew Booth, who will then deal with your enquiry.

If you are interested in joining the Shropshire DA committee please contact the Secretary, Tracy Booth, 07837 841187 or or any committee member.