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Annual General Meeting 2023

March 2023 Rushbury Village Hall AGM Meet Report.

Friday 3rd; Ken Michael stewarding the meet opened it up at 1PM. By 18:00pm, 5 units had arrived and the campers were getting ready for their first social evening of the 2023 Shropshire DA season.

Whilst it was relatively a quiet meet, campers convened in the hall at 19:30pm, for a social evening where many stories were told, many jokes were enjoyed along with background music and liquid refreshments.

Saturday 4th; the sun was trying it’s level best to shine through the overcast cloudy sky. The local Table Tennis Team arrived at 10am, where they set-up their 6 tables for two hours of vigorous competition, whilst the campers went about their daily duties. Some went off for a park run, some did some routine jobs on their unit whilst others began to prepare themselves for the AGM at 15:00pm.

At approximately 14:00pm a final 6th unit turned up and set-up camp.

By 14:55pm a total of TWENTY-SIX Shropshire DA members joined in the hall, overseen by our North Central Region Chair-Person Mrs. Penny Brown.
May I take this opportunity in thanking Penny for her support thought the weekend and more so, throughout the AGM; without her, Secretary would have been in strife.

By 15:21pm, the AGM was complete; Shropshire DA had held a successful AGM and an Appointments mtg followed where the following appointments were made.

Role Name Committee Executive Committee
Chairman Ken Michael Yes Yes
Vice-Chairman Neil Holdstock Yes Yes
Treasurer Natasha Witcombe Yes Yes
Secretary Jon Witcombe Yes Yes
Site Secretary Jon Witcombe Yes
Rep to Region Jon Witcombe Yes
Deputy Rep to Region Cindy Lingard
Committee Member Paul Darrall Yes
Committee Member Sue Perry Yes Yes
Webmaster – non committee Joanne Mutch
Auditor Barry Lovatt
Auditor Sue Taylor

Late afternoon, many of the members had said their goodbyes.

At 19:30pm the remaining campers returned to the hall, where they indulged in a Cheese & Port evening; enjoying a vast supply of cheeses, crackers, pate & biscuits. Think some of this will also be consumed at our next meet at Bramblewood… Yum yum.

Sunday 5th;

Merle arrived at 10am and treasurer duties were completed. Coffee morning was held at 10:30am in the glorious outdoors, by 1PM all campers had left and the Secretary closed the gates.

till the next time.