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Exciting News! – Committee Update

I am delighted to announce that two members have joined the Shropshire DA Committee.

Arwel and Amy have been enjoying meets with Shropshire DA so much so that they wanted to give back and join the Committee.

I am sure you will all join me in thanking them and we look forward to the future.

12 months ago Shropshire DA was at the risk of being no more, until Jon and Natasha stepped up with new enthusiasm and ideas, and it has been safe to say that with the hard work and all of the committee together we are now seeing the results with both the attendance and feedback we receive at our meets, and hand in hand this has attracted members to want to be part of this and join the committee.

I know that with the addition of Arwel and Amy to the committee and their ideas and hard work , we will continue to see Shropshire DA prosper.

2021 will see the 70th Birthday of Shropshire DA, and we want to have a party to celebrate. Please continue to support your DA, shout up any ideas and suggestions for sites and events.

Andrew Booth