You are currently viewing Meet Report – Royal Oak, The Tiddly 29th Jul –> 01st Aug 2021 stewarded by Jon & Natasha Witcombe

Meet Report – Royal Oak, The Tiddly 29th Jul –> 01st Aug 2021 stewarded by Jon & Natasha Witcombe

29th July –> 01-Aug Royal Oak “The Tiddly” at Ellerdine Heath.

Wednesday evening, the Camp Site Stewards arrived to prepare the site for arriving campers on Thursday. It was a warm evening, which meant placing out signs and hand santizer was not such a difficult task. Many Motorbikes arrived at the Tiddly, to socialise and show-off their prides of joy.

Thursday, four units arrived and the site was starting to come alive. The weather was good, some went out on their bikes to explore whilst others enjoyed the Real Ales that the Tiddly offers.

Empty Site

Friday, the remaining eleven units arrived, some breaking their return journey home up whilst some simply wanted to see what Shropshire had to offer. The weather had taken a turn for the worst and nearby lanes were waterlogged though it did not stop our eager campers joining us. Some erected their awnings in the drizzling rain.

Campsite starting to come alive

It was disappointing to advise our campers that the Tiddly was no longer offering cooked meals however this was easily mitigated as the Oakgate Nursery & Tea rooms was serving some scrumptious meals whilst offering fabulous bargains on bedding plants. We lost count how many of our campers returned back to their units with trolleys stacked up with lovely plants and garden lamps.

Saturday, the weather was hit & miss. In general, the weather was overcast with the odd rain spot but more importantly it was dry with some hot spots of sunshine. The weather had to get better as many had planned BBQs for the evening. It was observed several units enjoyed singing and playing their musical instruments. We were fortunate to hear one performance of Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton which is one of our favourites. With Lewis Hamilton securing pole position at The Hungarian Grand Prix, Sunday was setting up to be a great day. With the day coming to a close, the gate was shut for the final evening.

Sunday morning, the sun was shining, drying out the ground and peoples’ awnings which was appreciated by many, including myself. The process of packing up & setting off home had begun. By mid-morning half the number units had stopped and congratulated the Stewards for such a lovely weekend. By 5pm, everyone had left the meet and the gate was closed for the last time.

All in all, a lovely relaxing weekend meet, complimented by lovely fellow campers, travelling from a variety of settings. As seen below, it was great to meet such lovely people from vast corners of the UK. On behalf of Shropshire DA committee, I would like to extend our thanks to the attending campers for behaving so well, respecting the rules, using the provided hand-santizer where appropriate and overall having a great time, making fond memories.

Meanwhile, we look forward to seeing each and everyone one of you back after the Summer break on grass field somewhere.

Regional District Association# of Units
Shropshire DAIII
North Hants DAI
Liverpool & South-West Lancs DAI
West Midlands DAIII
Worcestershire & Herefordshire DAI
North Staffordshire DAI
Coventry DAI
Chase DAI
Yokshire DAI
North Hampshire DAI
Lakeland DAI
North-East Cheshire DAI
Total16 units

37 camped nights, with 31 adults & 2 children from 12 different DAs