You are currently viewing Meet Report – Yew Tree Farm, Far Forest, Worcestershire

Meet Report – Yew Tree Farm, Far Forest, Worcestershire

FRIDAY,1:30pm, the rally was officially opened by Tony & Celia shortly after the gigantic rain storm. Later, the sun shone & units began to arrive.

In total, 12 units were in attendance, coming from ;

West Mids DA 3 units

Birmingham DA 2 units

Derbyshire DA 1 unit

Gwent DA 1 unit

The Nederlands 2 units

Shropshire DA 3 units

Before you knew it, the sun had set and it was time to meet up. The majority of campers, congregated in the little barn, where music was listened to, conversations were had prior to a batch of bingo.

SATURDAY, the day remained dry, some campers went to Kidderminster, some went to Bewdley whilst others ventured around the site’s grounds, encountering the forest and fish ponds. Many enjoyed the fantastic selection of carvings of badgers, fox, deer to mention a few. Campers were joined by a selection of wild life namely Robins, Wood Pigeons, Magpies, rabbits, buzzards, tits, finches and squirrels. At 7:45pm, campers met-up to have a nice chat and listen to music. Two teams were set-up as Mike & Sue kindly lent us their Charades Cards. Needless to say, Julie Derbyshire’s team 1, won, which I was on 😁. The night was finished off with another batch of Bingo and pleasant conversation.

Everyone enjoyed each others company, in such a warm and pleasant atmosphere, making for a nice social evening, over watched by the “old deer”.

SUNDAY, coffee morning was well attended and we look forward to welcoming back the new friends that we have all made this weekend. Thank you Tony & Celia for Stewarding this meet AND kindly offering to steward next year’s meet 😁

Sunday Coffee Morning 1/2
Sunday Coffee Morning 2/2

A few more photographs of the weekend meet