You are currently viewing Shropshire DA AGM 2020 – 6th – 8th March 2020

Shropshire DA AGM 2020 – 6th – 8th March 2020

22 voting members and 2 non voting members attended the 2020 Shropshire DA AGM.

Friday was, pleasantly, a nice day weather wise, and once everyone arrived we made our way into the hall to celebrate Rhion’s 7th Birthday, and enjoy company, chats about various subjects, and some music.

Saturday morning gave those on site the chance to relax, ahead of the main event of the weekend, the 68th Annual General Meeting.

24 people in all attended, the meeting began with a period of silence to remember those friends of the DA who sadly passed away during the previous 12 months, and a tribute to our dear friend Roy Evans, At the conclusion of the formal proceedings, our Treasurer, Ken Michael, presented the Most Camped Cup for 2019 to Vince and Linda, who retained their title from 2018!

Then it was on to the afternoon and evening social, with food, drink, music and some dancing. Some also took time out to watch the Six Nations Rugby between England and Wales.

Sunday morning everyone pitched in to tidy up the hall and enjoy coffee morning, before readying to return home after a very successful first meet of the year.

Many thanks to Vince & Linda for stewarding, all of the members who attended, to Neville and Lynda Woods for volunteering to join our Committee, Barry Lovatt for offering to perform the role of Auditor (without which the DA could not function), and Cindy Lingard for volunteering to be our Deputy Rep to Region.