You are currently viewing The Beeches at Hadnall stewarded by Natasha & Jon Witcombe, with support of Vince & Linda Beddoes 6-9th May 2022.

The Beeches at Hadnall stewarded by Natasha & Jon Witcombe, with support of Vince & Linda Beddoes 6-9th May 2022.

FRIDAY, the site officially open at 1pm and by 13:30pm, EIGHT units had arrived & been sited nicely.

Whilst the grass was rather long, the site was in good condition. By 16:30pm, the clouds had assembled and sure as clockwork the rain began to fall.

Some huddled in their awnings, some nipped to the nearby attractions whilst a few retired early to bed. By 21:00pm, the final unit arrived making 12 units on site.

SATURDAY morning, was initially overcast but it did not take long for the sun to shine through and let those solar panels harvest the energy that we were grateful for. As normal, the campers readied their units, sorting out toilet cassettes and aqua-rolls & waste-masters.

By 12:00pm, the sun shone strong and it was time to get the sun cream out. The spirit on the field was like a polished diamond; with the light sound of people laughing & joking, enjoying 60’s, 70’s & 80’s music and whilst some relaxed and read a book or went out to local attractions. There is a bus stop out side the site, which regular buses shuttle people to Nantwich, Whitchurch and Shrewsbury. 1 unit left as they were using this meet as a simple stop over for there much longer tour, leaving 11 units on site.

SUNDAY morning, weather was looking overcast again. Campers felt the weather was threatening rain. Many tents and awnings were collapsed and packed in case the rain was on us. At 10:30am, campers convened at the Steward’s Unit to enjoy a social coffee morning.

Once everyone had sorted their Tea or Coffee and biscuits, Chairman Andrew Booth open-up the coffee morning with the extremely sad news regarding the passing of a Treasured member, Jean Michael wife to Ken Michael ( time served Treasurer for Shropshire). The committee continue to send it’s condolences to Ken & his family & friends and will duly communicate church service details as & when they are known. Meanwhile, Andrew made his usual speech, thanking ALL of the stewards for their work, the campers for joining us and behaving in a good way. Andrew also reminded campers of up & coming events such as ;

Camper’s continued to share their stories and some even had extra drinks and biscuits. Slow but sure, the camper’s returned to their units, either planning their remaining day(s) or commence to clean down and pack-up in readiness for School and work on Monday. By 14:00pm, all campers planning to leave had left, leaving just 7 units onsite for the final night.

MONDAY by 12:00pm, ALL remaining units had left the meet and the rally was officially closed. Vince & Linda kindly offered to close the meet on behalf of Jon & Natasha as they had to work and Daughter had school.

Quite a nice meet overall, free & easy is always a refreshing change, allowing campers to do what they really want to do.

Meet attendance was positive in that we had attendance from FIVE DAs which is summarised below ;

Shropshire DA 8
East Worcestershire DA 1
North Staffordshire DA 1
South Lancashire DA 1
North Warwickshire DA 1

12 units in total