Meet Report – Weston Park – Fri 11th –> Mon 14th June 2021

Stewards: Ken & Jean Michael

FRIDAY,13:00pm, the rally was officially opened by Ken & Jean following a minor administrative error by the land owner, we located our area and the campers continued to arrive through-out the afternoon. The sun continued shine whilst the clouds tried dampen the affair but fortunately we remained dry.

In total, 39 units were in attendance, coming from ;

Chase DA 4 unit

Coventry DA 1 unit

North Staffordshire DA 1 unit

Staffordshire DA 6 unit

Shropshire DA 11 units

West Midlands DA 16 units

It was truly fabulous to see so many camper’s joining us on what was officially Shropshire DA’s first meet of 2021 following a long and depressing pandemic lockdown. It would have been great to put on a social gathering, to thank all those that had turned out but with lockdown measures and green paper guidance from HQ, it wasn’t to be.

SATURDAY, the day remained dry, some campers ventured around the grounds, admiring the wildlife, plant-life and trees, some went shopping whilst others chilled around their units. It was great to hear the children playing in sun, quite often having water fights and paddling pool fun.

SUNDAY, again the weather was extremely kind to us, making it a challenge to pack-up up our units as the majority left, leaving a handful of campers on site until Monday.

MONDAY, the day started well but come 11am, the sky clouded over and the remaining campers were threatened with 50% possibility of rain. All good things have to come to and end and so the meeting was closed at 13:00pm