You are currently viewing Meet Report – Canal Central, Maesbury Marsh – 16th-19th May 2019

Meet Report – Canal Central, Maesbury Marsh – 16th-19th May 2019

15 Units from as far afield as Edinburgh, Fife, Solent, Somerset and Leicester DAs attending our free and easy weekend at a new site, Canal Central, Maesbury Marsh, near Oswestry.

Thursday was a glorious day as 7 units arrived, some safely negotiating the humped back bridge by the site entrance, and others deciding that crossing the Ford from the other direction was a better option, although no one encountered any issues!

Although Friday dawned wet, once the rain stopped there was plenty to entertain the campers; walks, bike rides or barge trips along the adjacent Montgomery Canal, a wander round Oswestry, or a trip to the local pub or the lift bridge further down the canal, or grab a coffee and cake at the onsite cafe.

As this was free and easy weekend, people came and went as they pleased, joining in with the spontaneous games afternoon on Saturday if they wanted to, or just doing their own thing throughout the weekend. It was fantastic to see so many campers taking part. Thanks to Mick for getting the games started, and Graham for providing ‘Kubbs’ game which everyone enjoyed.

Fortunately the weather stayed mostly dry, save for some rain on Saturday evening, a coffee morning in the Sunday sunshine rounding off a fantastic weekend.

Great feedback received from some of our visitors this weekend “We have had a great weekend and we will definitely be back with Shropshire DA soon” and “I have been made to feel so welcome – thank you for a lovely weekend and see you at Bridgnorth for your THS” being just two of the comments received.

Thanks to Vince and Linda for stewarding, and to Jon Witcombe for demonstrating the true face of the Friendly Club and Shropshire DA by towing a unit off the field and assisting another camper who had a flat battery.

A lovely, peaceful site which has been booked again for next year.